About us

We want to be a liaison between the artist and the clients; we want to show, recommend, publish and spread information to the widest possible audience on the craft of bookbinding.

The main purpose of the Association is the popularization of the craft of bookbinding

Our goals include representing bookbinders’ interests, organizing and carrying out trainings, workshops, conferences and exhibitions, supporting education, consulting and sharing of information.


Anyone who supports our goals may become a member of the Association of Polish Bookbinders. Everybody is welcome to share their ideas and actively participate in the work of the association.


Rules and Regulations

The association’s name is “Stowarzyszenie Introligatorów Polskich” (The Association of Polish Bookbinders).

Rules and Regulations (PL)

If you are interested in the history of books, traditional and contemporary techniques, if you are looking for information on materials technology or trainings – you are at the right place

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